Sustainable energy is indeed the way forward. The city of Brasov has set a commendable goal of achieving energy independence within its public sector by 2030. Our city's transition to clean energy is spearheaded by the Brasov Energy Management and Environment Protection Agency. Through interdisciplinary projects and technical assistance, they promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. By collaborating with national and international experts, we continuously exchange knowledge and best practices to advance our energy goals and create a sustainable future for all.
Brasov powers up with renewables.


Leading the way in green energy innovation
Leading the way in green energy innovation
Brașov is pioneering green energy innovation, aiming to source 90% of public electricity from renewables. Initiatives like the Stupini photovoltaic park and solar panels in schools are cutting emissions and building a healthier community.
Leading the charge: Brașov's Energy Manager Unit innovation
Leading the charge: Brașov
Brașov's Energy Manager Unit, established in 2008, has been a pioneering force in enhancing energy efficiency across public and private sectors. Through collaborative efforts and stable leadership, emissions reduction targets have been successfully met, showcasing the city's commitment to sustainability.