We are on our way to reshaping our industrial landscape into a green city

Green surroundings, renewable energy, engaged citizens—this is Brașov, the Green Capital of Romania. With its many shades of green, Brașov embodies our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. But it's not just about infrastructure and technology; it's about us, the people of Brașov.

We are active participants in this journey, embodying a spirit of environmental consciousness. Together, we can create lasting change and inspire others to follow suit. We want to live, work, and raise future generations in a healthy, all inclusive city. But our attractive city is becoming increasingly crowded, and we also face the effects of climate change and pollution.

How do we continue the transition from an industrial city to a green city? How can we switch to clean transport that doesn’t harm our health? Can we achieve cleaner air in our city? And how do we maintain a transparent and easy-to-understand digital world?

These are the pressing questions and challenges of our time that demand our attention. We have the vision, strategy, and resources to make Brașov a city that grows and develops for its people.

Values first

In Brașov, we hold a deep commitment to values that shape our identity and guide our path towards a sustainable and thriving future. Our dedication to sustainability drives us to embrace eco-friendly practices, ensuring the lasting health and vibrancy of our city. Environmental responsibility underscores our efforts to minimize our ecological footprint and preserve the beauty of our planet for future generations.

We believe in the power of community engagement, understanding that by working together, we can tackle challenges and create meaningful change. Innovation fuels our progress, empowering us to find creative solutions to complex issues. We are unwavering in our pursuit of continuous improvement, constantly seeking new ways to elevate our environmental stewardship. And amidst it all, we hold Brașov's natural beauty in the highest regard, promising to safeguard its landscapes and green spaces as a cherished source of inspiration and delight for all residents.

A tradition of environmental excellence

Brașov's commitment to sustainability is proven by our track record of impactful green initiatives. We are recognized as a leader among European cities dedicated to environmental responsibility. Our journey began in 2009, addressing high pollution levels with significant actions. By 2020, we had reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 35%, surpassing the goals set by the Covenant of Mayors.

Moving towards climate neutrality

Brașov stands out in environmental stewardship. With a proactive Local NetZero Coalition, we are on track to be one of the first European cities to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. Adhering to the EU Mission Adaptation to Climate Change Charter and The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, and enhancing our Integrated Air Quality Plan, we are forging a greener future.

Investing in a sustainable future

Guided by a comprehensive €1.3 billion Action and Investment Plan, Brașov is on a clear path to climate neutrality by 2030. Key initiatives include the establishment of an Energy Manager Unit in 2008, the development of a Green Infrastructure Strategy, and a Velo Masterplan. Our leadership in green innovation is evident, with 83% of our area covered by forests, parks, and green spaces, making Brașov a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts.

Embracing green spaces

Ranked among the Top 10 Nature Destinations in Europe, Brașov plans to further its green credentials with a fully electric public transport system and urban regeneration around transit hubs. Our city, with its extensive green areas, offers a haven for nature lovers. Our commitment to projects like the Brassovia Natural Park reflects our dedication to increasing green spaces, improving the quality of life, and nurturing a healthier environment for all.

Platform for innovation

In a world of constant change, Brașov provides an independent space for innovators to meet, interact, and collaborate. We offer an open platform for addressing metropolitan challenges and developing solutions. Companies, academic institutions, government bodies, and active residents come together to shape the future of our city and region. As a platform for doers, we ensure better streets, neighborhoods, and cities.

Public-private collaboration

Brașov believes that today's and future challenges can only be solved through collaboration. Operating as a public-private partnership, we unite diverse stakeholders to drive change. Our partnership includes government entities, academic institutions, social organizations, and innovative companies active in Brașov. Together, we tackle complex issues that are critical but cannot be solved alone.

Community-centric approach

In Brașov, our citizens are at the heart of our journey towards climate neutrality. They are the driving force behind the change, embracing climate-friendly habits such as reducing energy consumption and choosing eco-friendly transportation. Their active participation ensures that our local climate actions are effective and accountable. We also partner with local NGOs to strengthen community engagement, advocacy, and capacity-building efforts, fostering a collective spirit of sustainability. Central to Brașov's sustainability efforts is our commitment to community engagement. Regular citizen debates address air quality, urban planning, and public transport concerns, ensuring public input shapes our initiatives. This inclusive approach helps us tackle challenges head-on, from air pollution due to increased traffic to the lingering effects of our industrial past.


Our city's transition to clean energy is spearheaded by the Brașov Energy Management and Environment Protection Agency. Through interdisciplinary projects and technical assistance, they promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. By collaborating with national and international experts, we continuously exchange knowledge and best practices to advance our energy goals and create a sustainable future for all.


We are committed to enhancing sustainable public transport and mobility options in Brașov. Organizations like the Autonomous Registry of Local Transport and the Metropolitan Association for Sustainable Public Transport Development work tirelessly to improve public transportation, promote cycling, and encourage walking. These efforts help us reduce our carbon footprint and make our city more accessible and environmentally friendly.